Thursday, 2 July 2015

Vichy Dermablend Foundation & Concealer

My oh my it's been a long time since I purchased these products and am only now getting around to writing about them on here, whoops! I purchased these from Escentual a while back when they were on offer as I had been dying to get my hands on them for quite some time. As you may well know I suffer with blemish prone skin so any product that's going to help that and conceal it is a winner for me if it works well. I wanted to do a post combining both of these products as they are aimed to work together so here goes..

I'm going to start with the concealer as it's the one of the two products that I don't really get on with. I have quite dry skin therefore find the formula of this concealer too drying for my skin. It doesn't quite sit right on my skin and when applied to my blemishes it just simply makes them look cakey and even worse than they did before hand. So unfortunately this product really isn't for me but if you don't have dry skin then you should probably check this one out as it may suit your skin type better than mine.

On the other hand I got on really well with the foundation from this Dermablend range. I think it must be the formula as this is a liquid foundation therefore not so drying as the concealer thankfully. This is a very high coverage foundation people and although yes it can be drying probably after a while of wear it just works. Although I do find it can be to overbearing in the summer months therefore what I tend to do is use this foundation as a concealer. I find this is the perfect way to conceal my spots/blemishes when I don't want that full coverage make up look. It conceals everything perfectly and as I mentioned doesn't dry them out. The staying power on this foundation is great, as you can imagine, I do however need to touch up with some powder on my oily t zone maybe half way through the day. Other than that, which is pretty normal, it's pretty set in stone and perfect for those long working days. The colour match to my skin is perfect, I have the shade 15 Opal which I believe is the lightest shade they have on offer. My preferred way of using this product is definitely as a concealer as I find that it just works so much better and is such a great product. Although I would say it's like a 2 in 1 product as it is aimed as a foundation which it also works well as.

Overall I'm super impressed with the foundation as it works amazingly at covering up those pesky blemishes. It is a shame about the concealer but that's just my skin type unfortunately and I'm sure it would work really well on other skin types. If you're after that super full on coverage foundation then definitely check this one out from Vichy, you can buy it on Escentual website but also from Boots. It is slightly on the pricier side but worth it if you suffer with blemish prone skin. Let me know if you've tried either of these products and your thoughts :-)

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