Friday, 24 July 2015

L'Oreal False Lash Superstar Mascara

This mascara definitely released with a bang recently and being a fan of other L'Oreal mascaras, I couldn't help but pick this one up. When I was younger I used to own a mascara like this one in the way that it had a primer and a mascara end. I remember thinking I was so cool and when I went to school that day wearing it, my friends said to me "do you have silver mascara on?". This baffled me as I couldn't really see it but in the sun light the black mascara clearly hadn't covered the white primer enough and had made them look silver - disaster hey. But moving on and I can tell you that this mascara does not give you silver eye lashes.

I picked this up recently from Boots when they had a 2 for £12 on L'Oreal cosmetics offer on. I had seen this mascara everywhere from the TV to Instagram to all over the blogging community. The pictures I had seen looked amazing but you can never tell what a mascara is going to look like on you without trying it as they can all work differently for different people. I can say that I have loved using this mascara and can agree with all the positivity around this product. I love the unique primer and black mascara end of this product as there really aren't that many out there like this, that I know of.

I still curl my eye lashes before using this product but they go straight in to using the primer and then onto the black mascara. After applying the primer I can already see a difference in my eye lashes, even though I look slightly scary with white eye lashes I must say. I then move quickly onto applying the black mascara over the top where again I can see a difference. The length of my eye lashes has increased visibly and they also look much more voluminous.

I don't find that this mascara drops down under my eyes at all throughout the day and really does last. It holds the curl, length and volume as well which is perfect when working a long day or going out for the evening.

I would definitely recommend giving this mascara a go as it's unique and something you can easily find on your local high street. It is the higher end of the high street budget but I think it's definitely worth it and even better if you can grab it whilst it's on offer. If you've tried this mascara already then leave your thoughts below :-)

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