Saturday, 15 August 2015

Amphora Aromatics Bergamot & Aloe Deodorant

Deodorant is one of those beauty products that I have no enjoyment in buying. It's obviously something I do always buy, but I'm never normally fussed about which one I pick up and go for what ever is on offer. Amphora Aromatics kindly sent me this natural deodorant to test out which I am grateful for as it means I don't have to buy one any time soon.

Amphora Aromatics are a great natural brand and this product is no different. This deodorant smells of Bergamot & Aloe which is such a fresh scent. They do offer other scents in their deodorant range so if this one is not for you then I would recommend checking the others out. This product is made with pure essential oils alongside a bundle of other natural ingredients. I like knowing that I am applying something natural on my under arms as it can be such a sensitive area. Amphora Aromatics claim this deodorant offers day long odour protection without harming or irritating your skin.

If I'm honest I would never normally opt for a roll on but there are so many more benefits compared to a spray. On application there is less smell/product used and by this I mean when you spray a spray deodorant I swear sometimes I just stink out my room and make myself cough. This one is easily applied without that. You can still smell the product, which smells fresh which is exactly what I want from a deodorant, but it's a lot less harsh. You also don't get any of those white powder marks from this deodorant which is such a bonus especially when you want to wear colour.

Overall I think this is such a great deodorant which keeps my under arms fresh pretty much all day long. I really like the fresh scent, the roll on and the fact it's all made from natural ingredients. As I mentioned there are other scents on offer if this one is not for you. Have you tried any products from Amphora Aromatics?

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