Sunday, 23 August 2015

Makeup Academy Pro-Base Prime & Conceal Powder

I'm always intrigued to try new products from various brands. It often seems that high end products release new and exciting products first but unless it 100% attracts me then I'm not often willing to pay the hefty price tag. After a while the high street brands often release similar products and that's where this one comes in. MUA have released this powder, I'm not sure actually whether this is very new or not, but I recently found it in Superdrug and wanted to give it a go.

This product aims to help out all those problem areas your face may have and colour correct them by simply using this product. I do have a lot of redness, mainly from blemishes, and often dark circles under my eyes so wanted to see whether or not this product would help those areas out. Each colour within this powder targets a different area for example the green will counteract redness. This was a bargain price at only £4 so if it worked then I thought it would be great but if it didn't then I hadn't lost out on a hefty price tag I would of if I went high end.

This product applies well over the face and leaves a velvet to touch finish. It doesn't leave my face looking cakey which I find some powders can do, especially on my dry areas. I can't say that I noticed a huge difference when using this product. It set my make up really nicely and was just as good as any other powder in terms of keeping my oily patches at bay. I don't know whether the fact that I'd already used make up products to help reduce the appearance of my problem areas made this product not work as well. I'm not saying this didn't work at all but the difference wasn't that noticeable enough in comparison to a normal powder.

Overall this is a good powder and may well work better one it's own or just with some concealer for slightly more coverage. But I am enjoying using this although it hasn't completely lived up to my expectations. As I said I haven't lost anything by purchasing this product and I do like using this product as much as any other powder. Have you tried this powder? Or any other product from this range from MUA?

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